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January 25, 2017  

No, you're podcast feed isn't on the fritz, this actually is a revisit of a movie we already reviewed, back in Episode 42.5! And which member of FUAR would be dastardly enough to return to a franchise? Why the same man who picked from the Terminator universe 3 times, Steven Zurita! Viz Media's had the English dubbing rights to Sailor Moon for a few years now, redubbing the show in a more faithful Japanese translation than the original run in the 90s, and they just redubbed the same movie we reviewed a few summers back and released it in theatres! With so many ways to watch the same movie now, Steven decided it'd be a good opportunity to talk about the differences between the Pioneer and VIZ dubs and what it was like seeing this 24 year old movie in theatres for the first time.


If you haven't seen this movie in any iteration at all, I highly reccomend you check out our review of it in Episode 42.5 to get an actual review of this movie, as this episode's more of a discussion of differences between the versions and the philosophies of dub culture.


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November 10, 2015  

That's what the movie's called, I swear! We're not trying to be offensive. Either way, this is a controversial way to go out. And the movie we're reviewing has a fair bit of controversy from the get go as well. Yeesh. This week's movie, High Plains Drifter, is a Western starring Clint Eastwood about a stranger wandering into town and taking it over to train the residents of Lago to deal with an approaching gang of bandits. It fails horribly, so we came up with some better ways to train the town. Someone should probably teach them about hospitality too, they're horrible to visitors from the get go.

This is a special episode since the original FUAR crew is back together! James joins us again after The Babadook and Ryan's recovered from his 90s panic attack awhile back. He's kind of turned into a connoisseur of the decade now. This is roughly our season 4 finale, though we never really stated which episodes were which seasons. Though if you looked at when we took long breaks in releasing episodes and when Ryan and James originally left the podcast, it gets us to 4 sections of podcast history, so 4 seasons!
This podcast only ever worked when we had schedules that allowed us to meet every week, but since they've slowly gotten busier and harder to coordinate over the last couple months this may be more than just a season finale. I don't want to call it a series finale for certain since you never know what the future holds, but in case it is, I'd like to sincerely thank you for joining the FUAR of us on this journey. If you've been with us from the beginning, you've watched over 60 movies with us! That's a lot to be taken out from under the rock from. And if you're like me, you've got a lot more to talk about when the subject of movies comes up with your friends and developed a critical eye for them too. To everyone who ever wrote in, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I might upload random thoughts or unaired tidbits in the months to come while we still have our subscription to podbean. Maybe a "best of" segment or two. We'll see.
If you still want your fill of us every week, a couple of us are pretty busy online with other projects, often with other members of this very same podcast! Please do us a favor and follow us on our social media below to see what bigger and better projects we move on to. Thanks again, guys. YOU'RE the all stars!
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November 3, 2015  

It's the origin to the secret agent that's already been around for like 50 years. We watched Daniel Craig's first entry in the Bond series in Casino Royale this week. Sit back and listen to us recount iconic scenes like bantering back and forth with Judi Dench's M, even though he officially first meets her in Goldeneye, which takes place in our past but his future, even though it's the 90s but this is 2006? The timeline of this series confuses me. But nonetheless, we go back to Bond's roots in this film as he's just been promoted to 007 and we'll see why the backstory behind how he treats women, learning how to work as an agent, and the UNFORGETTABLE scene that sets up Goldfinger's arc as a villain. Some people complain Craig's Bond films lack the flashy gadgets we've come to expect in the series, but in this installment James must trade those in for the fanciest gadget of all, the Heart of the Cards.  That's right, we're beating the bad guys by playing Poker, ladies and gents. Just poker. At least with Yugioh we'd have the Shadow Realm.

Joining us once again is Shea Jones, who's even MORE qualified to talk to us about James Bond this week. Not only is he a 007 afficianado, but he's also a real life Poker expert. He'll demystify the game for us and go into exactly how they messed up in portraying one of his favorite games on screen.
October 27, 2015  

Kapow! That wasn't a punch, that was the sound of a Walther PPK shooting down your sights. That's right, we're finally diving into a true 90s classic, 007 Goldeneye! We ain't talking about the N64 game, though that's a classic in its own right. We're talking about the film behind the game. Starring Pierce Brosnan and the chick from X Men. You know what, why didn't she use her psychic powers at all this movie? Has she not discovered her mutation yet? This makes no sense.

Steven's the one being derocked, as he's only seen Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, so now he'll finally understand what was happening in all those N64 levels as a kid! Joining us this week is a connoisseur of James Bond, our pal Shea Jones! He's seen all the Bond movies and knows them forwards and backwards, so he's the perfect guide for Steven's many questions about M eye 6. That's how you spell it, right? Oh, and something about videotapes. Duh!
October 20, 2015  

We round out our series of spooky movies this year with Michael's pick, the Babadook.  It's a movie so scary that we brought back a third host to share the burden with us, the wordsmith McDoodles!  Much like Signs, this movie's got a surface level story about a monster in your closet coming to get you.  But what really makes this movie shine is that the monster is a metaphor for something deeper, something we've all struggled with in life.  Something that keeps us all up at night.  Really, once you get the metaphor this movie becomes way more genius than it is scary.

Speaking of scary, last time we heard from James he was chasing Ryan out when he finally accepted the 90s.  You know what, I bet Ryan had his own Babadook like struggle with accepting the 90s, as his breakdown over it really mirrors the mother's in this week's film.  Anyways, James gives us an update on how Ryan's been digesting all this new information.  Again, just like the Babadook, the 90s stick with you forever.  And the more you shove them away, the stronger the 90s get.  Nostalgia is one scary creature.  You know what, I'd watch this metaphorical movie too.
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October 13, 2015  

You know what's scarier than Halloween?  M Night Shyamalan's career!  While he may be the butt of many a cinematic joke these days, there was once a time when he was an up and coming visionary auteur.  Let's travel back to that time, in rural Pennsylvania, where pre-meltdown Mel Gibson tells everyone he's not a father anymore, even to his kids, and aliens are putting signs in his fields.  Joaquin Phoenix spends his time swinging baseball bats instead of talking to Scarlett Johansen on his phone and Michael Showalter's a punk for some reason.  The movie Signs has been accepted with both praise for its quality and criticism for its plot holes.  Where do you fall?

Joining us this week is the Pizza Boy himself, Wesley Bell, to help us tackle this layered thriller.  Much like a pizza itself, this movie may be about an alien/pepperoni invasion, but the real ingredient is faith/cheese.  With his new film The Visit turning his career around, can we take a page out of Graham Hess's book and also have faith in Shyamalan again?  Signs is definitely one of his better movies, so take off your tinfoil hats and let's dive in!
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October 6, 2015  

This one's a doozy.  After 21 years Steven can FINALLY be taken out from under the rock on Pulp Fiction.  This movie's got some of the most quotable lines in history and a serious craving for burgers and milkshakes.  Anyone else wanna let me have a bite of their Kahuna burger?  No?  Ok.  Well this movie's got everything.  Really, it does, it's almost 3 hours long.  But the great thing is it doesn't feel like it.  Despite all the dialogue, there's always something interesting happening and it's no wonder this is one of the must sees of cinema.

Joining us this week is funny man Alex Poncio from UCB and Just Giggle It (Not Google! Don't sue us Google, or Alphabet, or whatever the Internet emperor's called now).  And special thanks to Christopher Walken for sponsoring this episode, he's your go to guy if you need to store any valuables.
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September 29, 2015  

We're taking it back to the classics of Buddy Holly, Elvis, presley, The Beatles, but most importantly, Dewey Cox in Walk hard: The Dewey Cox Story.  It's the next logical step for you listeners, even if you don't have a sense of smell!  Why does this movie work so well on its own?  What's the deal with all this music?  Anybody know what Jenna Fischer's up to lately? Well, besides Steven?  It's a big ol' TSTV reunion. Or is it? We've all known each other for years, but this might be the first time Steven, Michael, Demi, and Kevin are actually in the same room at the same time.

Joining us this week are Demi Adejuyigbe and Kevin Porter, AKA the Gilmore Guys!  They're famous for their Gilmore Girls review podcast and we're pumped to have them on the show!  They took a step away from Stars Hollow to bring Walk Hard to the table.  I gotta say, if you listen to this podcast for anything, it's gotta be the impromptu song.  EASILY our best challenge yet.
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September 22, 2015  

Shave your legs and grab some pantyhose, gentlemen! This week we're reviewing the classic screwball comedy about musicians in drag, 1959's Some Like It Hot! And you don't even need to watch anyone die for this one! This review cuts a little close to home for Michael since he too has spent a 'romantic' time at the very same hotel from this movie and vowed to never speak again...for about 10 seconds. Plus, we can all talk about how Marilyn Monroe's a classic 12 out of 10.

Joining us this week is Ashley Robinson to bring her expertise in film, tv, and even Marilyn Monroe to the table. Ms. Monroe was going through a downward spiral during this film's production and the film's decades old release makes for some interesting conversations about blending comedy and gender roles. Pretty interesting for a movie waaaay back in 1959 to take on cross dressing!
And check out our fill in guest for this episode:
Ashley: @Ashapaloooza
September 15, 2015  

We couldn't get our fill of martial arts with Kill Bill, so Emii's back with a radical look back on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! This one's a big deal for Emii, it's the reason she's a martial artist! If you don't believe how big of a Turtle fan she is, she's been in a TMNT shirt EVERY time Steven's seen her. So how does this old movie hold up to the franchise? Where does it lie in the for kids and for adults spectrum? This is one of those franchises everyone's bumped into at some point, so if you've somehow missed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over the last 3 decades, allow us to bring you out from under the rock! Or sewers? Oh, and grab some pizza, dude.

And check out our fill in guest for this episode:
Emii: @EmiiMusic

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