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September 8, 2015  

Now that Ryan and James are 'back' we've got what must be the most disgusting episode yet with our review of David Cronenber's 1986 classic, The Fly. We're not talking about the movie; the hands down grossest thing in this podcast was that fart Michael let loose towards the end. Seriously, what kind of unearthly creature got stuck in your teleportation pod for you to produce THAT?

Besides flatulence, this movie offered a rare shot at watching Jeff Goldblum play the lead character, some delightfully icky practical effects, and an interesting balance between the mind and body. There's a lot to buzz about in this movie, so let's hop into the review!
And check out our fill in guests for this episode:
James Girardier: @JamesGirardier
Rhyan Schwartz: @RhyanSchwartz
September 2, 2015  

In the future, a hostile AI developed by Michael Ornelas sends a machine back in time to stop Steven from bringing ANOTHER Terminator pick to the table. Unfortunately Steven destroyed it. And Michael's future son was killed in the crossfire. With that out of the way, there's nothing stopping Steven from FINALLY bringing the prophecized Terminator television show to the FUAR crew. Will Michael get so frustrated that he creates a hostile AI, trapping us in a causality time loop like the fabled John Connor? Will James screw up the intro? Will Steven pick anymore entries from the Terminator franchise? And will Ryan ever understand the 90s?

The war to answer all these questions starts now. Dundun DUN DUN DUN!
August 25, 2015  

The gang's all here once again, this time to review the 1995, Academy Award-winning classic Braveheart! Sure, it may have won Best Picture, Director, and Cinematography, but now, 20 years later, the film is finally put to the real test. Will the FUAR crew liberate the podcast from their evil English imperialist oppressors, or will the review take away their very freedom?
August 18, 2015  

The FUAR crew celebrates the big 5-oh this week - by making absolutely no mention of it! What gets mentioned plenty is the 1979 classic Steve Martin comedy, The Jerk! Among the aspects mentioned are the enduring, one-upsmanship style of comedy, the film's place as a coming of age tale, and, in this week's Challenge, stealing toys from sick children!

*The title of this episode is not calling Ryan a jerk.
August 11, 2015  

They don't eat. They don't sleep. They, wrong movie. We sleep, they live! That's the one! The FUAR crew does their best not to sleep through the steadily beating soundtrack of Carpenter's 1988 conspiracy thriller. After a rousing discussion, the guys get to come up with brand new conspiracies of their own, and you won't believe what the aliens are doing to our condoms!
August 4, 2015  

The lovely and talented Emily Rose Morrison a.k.a. Emii slums it with the FUAR slobs, bringing with her the acclaimed Tarantino (redundant) film, Kill Bill vol.2. The skilled martial artist regards it as one of her favorites of all time - or wait, was that the first one? She also brings along a challenge which threatens her very life, as there is a very real risk of the FUAR crew talking her to death
July 29, 2015  

A long time ago a good friend of mine told me there will be a Chosen Podcast. It will be significant. And it shall bear the mark of infinite wisdom-what in god's name is that thing? Oh, it's just Michael. Revel in the martial arts mastery as we dissect Steve Oedekerk's one of a kind passion project and oddly influential cult film Kung Pow (2002). Does this kind of humor hold up? Why is there a cow that knows Kung Fu? Was whining the signal?

Sit back, relax, and play this podcast like a drum. I'll get the Neosporin! Weeeeoooooewwwoooeeeopeeoo!
July 22, 2015  

The beads of sweat pour to the ground, the muscles pull and tear with the strain of the fighter's exertions, the bones creak and threaten to break as pressure is applied, pressure like none they have felt before - 

"Michael! Please stop practicing your wrestling moves on us! We have a podcast to record!"
"Oh, right. My bad, guys."
July 14, 2015  

The crew get in touch with their inner dragons this week on FUAR, in a continuation of the epic Martial Arts Cycle. This Bruce Lee classic has some of the best kicking (along with average punching, according to Steven) around, but will that be enough to satisfy the FUAR panel's high standards? Will James' island getaway-themed Challenge prove too much for their weak constitutions? Will the dragons ever actually enter?? Find out this week on From Under a Rock!
July 7, 2015  

*Cue hi-hat ride and wah-wah guitar* Awwwwlriiight, you jive turkeys ain't never heard a podcast like this one before, in which the Crew reviews the 2009 blaxploitation parody film Black Dynamite. Among the topics discussed are how this movie gets everything wrong in exactly the right way, the quality of Michael Jai White's martial arts abilities, and a series of epiphanies that rock the very fabric of the group's dynamic and unravel a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.


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