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October 27, 2015  

Kapow! That wasn't a punch, that was the sound of a Walther PPK shooting down your sights. That's right, we're finally diving into a true 90s classic, 007 Goldeneye! We ain't talking about the N64 game, though that's a classic in its own right. We're talking about the film behind the game. Starring Pierce Brosnan and the chick from X Men. You know what, why didn't she use her psychic powers at all this movie? Has she not discovered her mutation yet? This makes no sense.

Steven's the one being derocked, as he's only seen Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, so now he'll finally understand what was happening in all those N64 levels as a kid! Joining us this week is a connoisseur of James Bond, our pal Shea Jones! He's seen all the Bond movies and knows them forwards and backwards, so he's the perfect guide for Steven's many questions about M eye 6. That's how you spell it, right? Oh, and something about videotapes. Duh!
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